I Love the Snow | I Am Canadian and I Love Snow


I love the snow!

I especially like when it falls softly like flakes of woolly down…

when it covers everything gently like the caress of a mother’s hand on a waiting cheek…

when it sparkles in the sunlight like a billion stars on the clearest night ever…

I just want to lay quietly in one place and let the beauty cover me and I become one with the landscape…

I really love snow!

Men Don’t Hug | Would You Tell An 8 Year Old That Men Don’t Hug

Eight Year old on School Trip


Men Don’t Hug

When I was 8 eight years old,

(I seem to remember it as my birthday but my inner 8 year old may be being melodramatic)

I went to my Dad for my hug and kiss at bedtime…

Dad thrust out his open hand and said in a voice I remember as huge and to be obeyed


So I shook his hand too vigorously and went to my room.

I went to bed and wondered (I still wonder) where Dad got the idea that Men Don’t Hug.

Dad lost his dad (in WW1) when he was 2 years old… he never knew him.

Growing up fatherless must be a horrible existence.

Who is going to teach you…

How to be a man…

How to treat a woman…

How to raise up healthy kids…

I made up my mind in my bed when I was 8 that I would…

hug my sons if I had any… ANY TIME I WANT!

Well I have two adult girls who don’t live at home and 2 grown sons who do.

My Boys

And I hug my boys anytime I want!

Baby Boomer Country | Time to Form a Borderless Baby Boomer Country

Jewel in SpaceIMAGINE…

… a country with no borders —->

… a country with no prejudice —->

… a country to live for, not die for! —->

… a country that asks you to live your freedom, not fight for your freedom —->

… a country that will ask you to link arms and work for the freedom of others, not take up arms and fight for someone else’s freedom —->

… a country unencumbered by geographical location, language, education level, skin colour or religion —->Baby Boomer Country


… you gave up control of your time, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly

… you gave up time with your parents

… you gave up time with your girl or boy friend

… you gave up time with your wife or husband

… you gave up time to do what you enjoy doing

… you gave up time with your kids

… you gave up your time for money, and they expected you to be grateful


… they gave you “paid” vacations that you took at their convenience

… they gave you 3 days paid leave to attend the funeral of a spouse or beloved relative

… they gave you no leave to attend the funeral of a friend

And what about the time they took that you could have spent with these while they were alive?


Come over to Baby Boomer Country and we’ll build as we go… helping others to start their own businesses.

What Influences Your Business Success | How to Succeed In Business Online

Succeed in Business

It’s not what you do

that influences your

business success…

It’s WHO you are!

How to Change the World | Be the Change

Be the Change

Be the Change

you want to see

in the world

       … Gandhi

What You Think Is Who You Become

What You Think Is Who You Become

followmevideosystem video

What You Think Is Who You Become

Dare to Dream | Dreams Do Come True

Only those who dare to dream

Only those who dare to dream

will ever have their dreams come true…

Create Your Future | Predict the Future

Predict the Future

The best way

to predict the future

is to create it…

                       … Peter Drucker

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